Alert Ready Conducts Public Test on May 4, 2022

Canadians in participating provinces and territories can expect a test alert on their television, radio, and compatible wireless devices during Emergency Preparedness Week

Oakville, Ontario, May 2, 2022Alert Ready will broadcast a public test of the National Public Alerting System on May 4, 2022, across most provinces and territories. Canadians will receive one test message from their respective provincial or territorial emergency management organization over television, radio, and compatible wireless devices at the times indicated below.

Alberta1:55 PM MDT
British Columbia1:55 PM PDT
ManitobaNo Test Scheduled
New Brunswick10:55 AM ADT
Newfoundland & Labrador10:55 AM NDT
Northwest Territories9:55 AM MDT
Nova ScotiaNo Test Scheduled
Nunavut2:00 PM EDT
OntarioNo Test Scheduled
Prince Edward Island12:55 PM ADT
QuebecNo Test Scheduled
Saskatchewan1:55 PM CST
Yukon1:55 PM PDT

The test message will simulate an emergency alert, beginning with the alert tone, known as the Canadian Alert Attention Signal. The message will indicate that it is a test and does not require action from the public. Testing the system provides an opportunity to validate its effectiveness and reliability to ensure it operates as intended from end to end as each stakeholder has a unique and important role to play in the Alert Ready process.

Given the importance of warning Canadians of imminent threat to the safety of life or property, Canadians do not have an option to opt-out of the test or actual emergency alerts distributed through Alert Ready. In 2021, the Alert Ready system enabled authorities responsible for public safety to deliver 173 public emergency alerts to Canadians. A breakdown of alert types that were issued by province and territory can be found here.

For ongoing updates about the test, follow the official Alert Ready Twitter page here.